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How to kill your Dragon

by PaulMage, 1162 days ago

Frozen Temple Cleared
Crucia Down World First 19man

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If you're having dragon problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

Yesterday we swept up in Frozen Tempest taking the final world first. Frozen tempest roster (fucking nerdy): Sharogy, Skarbor, Jennahaze, Qarlsberg, Netsky, Raffter, Sathoris, Haipz, Skarrj, Aileen, Paul, Cookie, Keflam, Coldheart, Seatin, Orakk, Whitelady, Kask, Byona, Oriya, Aethys, Ambi.

The kill came just in time as several players were about to join the black parade. Oriya was putting on his gas mask and army uniform hooking up with expert facebook stalker Raffter and going after Drpuss with a rusty dildo.

After Byona's repeated failure to dispel me (hello?) in the last 5 tries, I was going to marry a fat american women and join the US army for when they finally run out of Arabic country to invade and attack Kuwait.

The progress on this fight was hampered with a multitude of bugs and in the end, at the point where the bugs got fixed we out geared it. I think it would of been really well balanced if this was killable a week ago, but having to tell all the dps to stop on several dps checks throughout the fight I cant really claim that this was hard.

Crucia is haunted
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The first Crucia platform is haunted by the ghost of a terrible player going to have to wait for the ghostbusters to kill twins before this shit is sorted out.

Days before I was cruising the forums with the windows down throwing down big claims one of them came true and we killed Crucia with 19.
Since apparently I'm psychic and one of our players plays from the Sudan in a mud hut.

Skarrj lives in a mud hut
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Fucking skarrj


There is a vid

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Coookie Wins Court Case!

by Bigdaverezpect, 1167 days ago

Back in the saddle Coookie vows to keep on sniffing!

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After a four day court case Clinton A.K.A Coookie has walked from the high courts of liverpool a free man, after being caught on the Sunday 23rd of November sniffing bike saddles outside of the local lidl by a Dorinne, a local pensioner, upon discovering coookie sniffing her bike saddle while stroking it, she overheard him whispering "yes... so soft... don't worry I'll be gentle". She proceeded to beat him several times with her handbag, which left damages to his left eye, right elbow and undersized genitalia. Dorinne aged 64 then proceeded to contact the local authority which lead to an immediate arrest. due to the urgency of this case it was taken straight to the high courts of liverpool, where it was ruled that due to coookie's problems with mental health and I quote from the high judge 'being a fucking mongoloid' he was free carry on going round the streets of liverpool sniffing bike saddles. I guess if we've learnt one thing from this story its that when it comes to tough justice something just doesn't smell right...

And also Coookie's a fucking mongoloid.

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Fish Club

by PaulMage, 1174 days ago

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